Funky Buddha - MBCP Day 2016

Maple Bacon Coffee Porter Day kicked off hot with this years VIP 3pm entry. I recommend going VIP in the future becuase it allows you unlimited access to most of the "time released" beers before everyone else.

The one and only!

B/T krew in full effect!

This place sucks and these people are not fall at all!

Big thank you to Liz, Arianne and Holly for holding it down during MBCPDay16.

Overall this was a kickass event that was super organized. 4,000 people will not treat you gently but the team at Funky Buddha came through with flying colors. I know there a few people who would have preferred better timed release lines but when you have "rare high demand", this kind of shit happens unfortunatley. I'm sure Funky Budhha will find a way to win with the next festival.

Thank you Funky Buddha for killing it and I can't wait to party with you all at your 3rd anniversary block party.

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