Boomtown Box, Boom!

Boom! We have a new product to review. This one is called Boomtown Box and it's pretty legit. First, let's talk about the shirt, "Never Skip Keg Day", haha - Yes! Besides the shirt being pretty awesome, the material is perfect. This box came with a nifty koozie called The Beer Pocket because it literally has a pocket on the other side which will definitely come in handy. The wine/bottle opener is sturdy with a nice weight to the feel and the extra dude amenities complement the full box.

The skinny on the box is that it has the goods. For less than a dollar a day, you can get a different box each month with 3-5 legit items for guys or really anyone who is down for some killer swag.

Check out the full details of this subscription at Boomtown Box. No need to reference me, this box speaks for itself. I'm just the lucky dude who likes beer and all things awesome.


Bad day for Detective Mills.....