Welcome to Pint Pass - Seems Legit!

Yesterday I got text to sign up for a new app called Pint Pass. The tag line is "Get early access to the app that pays you to visit breweries", We're giving away $10K to launch. I visit plenty of breweries for the love of it and I like money so right now we are batting 1000.

Here is the scoop:

1. Access to the app will be given on 8/15.

2. 500 entries will be chosen at random to divide up the $10,000. If you have multiple entries, you can win multiple times.

3. This is the first app in the world that pays you in real money to drink at breweries.

4. Patent Pending Text-A-Beer allows you to text a beer to anyone in the country.

5. In all 50 states at over 5,500 breweries. Completely free app that pays real money.

Here is a link if you want to be in the running to A. Be one of the first to gain access, B. Get multiple entries so you can get more of the cash they are giving away.

So far the idea seems killer and I cant' wait until 8/15/18 to see what happens next. Here is a video from their site